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Who Knew Quiz

  1. When going on vacation, should you:

  2. Half of the snow removal building’s energy comes from:

  3. How many non-stop destinations can you fly from Dane County Regional Airport?

  4. With non-stop service to Charlotte beginning on April 5th, which of the following destinations are only one stop away?

  5. American and United just upgraded to larger planes for select flights because:

  6. On average, how many weekly non-stop flights are there from Dane County Regional Airport?

  7. What famous Madisonian inspired many of the design elements added to the airport during its expansion?

  8. To get Wi-Fi at Dane County Regional Airport, you need to:

  9. Dane County Regional Airport is known for its:

  10. What modern-day convenience can you find throughout the terminal?

  11. Where exactly is Dane County Regional Airport located?

  12. Where is the closest ramp and surface parking at Dane County Regional Airport?

  13. What can you do in Dane County Regional Airport’s free cell phone lot?

  14. What are other ways to get to Dane County Regional Airport besides driving?

  15. When you fly out of Madison instead of driving to fly from some faraway airport, you: